Tinselsnakes is a story told in three voices,

written by Ed Garland and illustrated by UK illustrator Inkymole.

It takes the form of a full colour picture book and 7” white-vinyl record,

narrated by rapper and spoken word poet B.Dolan (Strange Famous Records) over music specially

written and produced by Buddy Peace (WarrenPeace/Strange Famous/Speech Development Records)

This little winter tale is seen through the eyes of Daddy, The Child and Mummy,

who all see something marvellous happen.

Taking cues from inspirations that include Edward Gorey, Jan Pienkowski, Dr Seuss, Tim Burton and

the ‘Music for Pleasure’ 7”s of her childhood, Inkymole brings hand-drawn, inky-cold scenes of

strangeness and snow to Ed Garland’s ultimately joyful story of spontaneity and irresponsibility by

adults who should know better: cold, alcohol, snow, tinsel, flying bowling balls, ulterior motives,

suspicious townspeople and freezing hands…