Inkymole : Pictures

Known for her heady stream of commercial work over two decades of professional illustrating for the likes of the Strange Famous Records, Sony, Playboy, New York Times, Real World Records, VH1 and Macy’s, Inkymole aka Sarah J. Coleman has released records on she and partner Leigh’s Blunt Force Trauma label, and has always wanted to tackle a storybook. This is their fourth release.

Ed Garland : Words

Ed from Bristol writes because words crawl through his mind all day. A frequent Inkymole collaborator on projects such as Sky High Hopes, Kaleidoscope Gloop and the Pendle Witches project, he’s published two novels, ‘Yet’ and  ‘Taken In and Done For’, and is grafting a third. ‘Tinselsnakes' is the first time Mole has made pictures for an entire storybook made of Ed’s words. She hopes she’s done all right.

B.Dolan : Narration

It was only ever going to be B.Dolan’s bassy, resonant voice for the reading of this dark and strange little story. Already a pivotal representative of the spoken word and performance scene, Rhode Island native Bernard has pummelled a career out of the raw materials of youth work, rap, writing, storytelling, consumer activism and poetry. Delivered from the inside of a bomb shelter, his album ‘Fallen House, Sunken City’ roared impending doom through the prism of Alias’s hip-hop wallops. “Deranged I may be…’

His latest album ‘Kill The Wolf’ is out now.

Buddy Peace : Music

Strange Famous collaborator and half of WarrenPeace, London producer Buddy makes beats and plays records, and built the white grooves of the landscape through which Ed’s story perambulates.; all icy tips and metallic clanks poking through the rounded landscape of reverb and curiosity.  A match made in Strangeness.